The Barbitrix is a pink version of Omni's Omnitrix. No one knows why Azmuth created this Omnitrix, but when he did make it, he entrusted Omni with guarding it. He wasn't very good at it.

The Barbitrix has all of Omni's aliens, so the master control is also unlocked on this watch. But, though this Omnitrix is very powerful, only those that can stand humiliation would wear it. Why? IT'S A PINK OMNITRIX FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But there are few that very little care that the Barbitrix is pink. In fact, those few don't even care, they just want the power that the Barbitrix gives them.


  • The Barbitrix isn't really the Barbitrixs name. It's just a nick name Omni gave it because it was a waste of breath to keep calling it the Pink Omnitrix
  • The Barbitrix has the same codes that the Omnitrix does. (Codes: Release code 000-decouple-0, and Destruct code 000-destruct-0)

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