V.V argost
This villian is definatly something else. The entire Saturday clan has something against this guy. He's done damage everywhere, and he could be capable of more chaos with his new powers than either Kronos, Sidious or Zeus, combined!: Thomas

The fearsome and myserious Villian, V.V Argost is not your everyday villian. He isn't incompitent like Doofemsmirtz or all powerful like Kronos but he is very cunning and unpredictable. In his cape he carries every possible magic or monster thing, Chemical X, Anderson's sacred blades, Mongolian death worm venom you name it. He was a menace, and is still now that Kronos has brought him back. He stole the powers of a evil Zak and maimed Haku's brother Ranpu. He also is responsible for the Runari attack on Greenia, and the kidnapping of Wadi by the Runari and Fidelis guardians. He also is skulking around the Key Guardian Dimmension.

Battle Quotes

Greetings and Bienvenue



Yeti's rule

Bow Humans, bow

You shall end up like Ranpu!


Pets, attack

You were too, predictable (win)


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